Everything You Need To Know About Organic Cannabis – Benefits Of Organic Cannabis


Benefits Of Organic Cannabis

In our previous post, we discussed the aspects and technicalities of Organic cannabis. More often than not, we see a vast gap in the demand and supply, simple because growers feel that the growing process can be sped up using artificial lights and additions to soil.
So what is it about Organic cannabis that makes it so special?
Why choose organic cannabis?

Good For The Environment

The very basic we have is our responsibility towards the environment.

The use of commercial pesticides and chemicals used by growers also known as herbicides linger in the environment; polluting the air we breathe.

Another issue is the use of synthetic fertilizers that add article nutrients to the soil, thus speeding up the growing process.

Although most might not see an issue with this at first glance, this is extremely damaging to our environment in the long run. Artificial fertilizers not only kill certain bacteria and insect but also damage animal habitat.

Organic growing practices use no herbicides, or chemicals in the process and essentially let the plant grow on its own.

Safer For Medical & Recreational Use

The absence of herbicides and other harmful chemicals makes organic cannabis safe for both medical and recreational use.
Organic producers go to great lengths to use chemical-free soil and opt for pest control methods that are far less invasive and harsh than industrial strength herbicides.

Better Flavor

It is no secret that organically grown cannabis strains have a distinct flavor and taste. The lack of herbicides and exposure to natural light results in a more superior and tasteful bud.

However, naturally,  as demand for anything grows, there is an inherent need for more efficient growing and production techniques. There is still a lot of ground area that needs to be covered in order to come up with faster yet safer growing techniques.


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