Everything you need to know about organic cannabis – What is organic cannabis?


Everything you need to know about organic cannabis – What is organic cannabis?

A standard concern for most people using medical or recreational marijuana is if it’s ridden with pesticides. However, most of us do not seem to know what guidelines need to be met for a producer to have products they can label as organically certified and how important it is for medical cannabis users to be aware of how their cannabis strains are grown.

What is organic cannabis?

In the simplest of terms, it is letting nature have its way. It is no surprise that as the demand for medical cannabis increases, most producers tend to use artificial nutrients and light to speed up the process.

Organic cannabis is grown is natural soil, exposed to natural light and there is no use of chemicals to speed up the cultivation.

What makes organic cannabis so special?

Organically grown cannabis is known for its pungent aroma and distinct taste. However, In terms of medical use, it is safer for it is free of chemical, pesticides, and other harmful additives that could make it dangerous for consumption.

Pesticides and use of chemicals not only make it extremely unsafe for smoking but makes oral consumption via edibles close to impossible.

Due to these dangers and concerns for consumer safety producers can become organically certified producers. This allows them to label their products as “certified organic” thus serving as reassurance to most medical cannabis users.

Due to the process of becoming organically certified, most producers avoid the hassle and the cost. In this case, however, we contact them and if their products are organic or not. Read more about the benefits of organic marijuana here.


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