About us

AdvancedCare was founded on the simple idea that there is a dire need for simple and effective technology solutions in healthcare. We have developed solutions for healthcare providers to enhance patient care, improve health outcomes and follow-up, increase operational efficiency, and enforce safety standards.

Our software advances the clinical, financial, and operational results of our clients. We offer feature-rich mobile solutions that enables healthcare organizations to monitor, track, manage, and improve patients’ health on-site or remotely. Our platform offers a variety of modules designed to provide quality patient care and follow-up, connecting providers to the right information at the right time. We seek to improve the lives of those who practice medicine and those that they care for.

Our mission

Our mission is to help build a world where every patient can access and engage in their own healthcare, and where every provider has instant access to the records and knowledge they need to succeed.  Our team believes that technology will fundamentally change how we interact with healthcare.  We aim to enable smarter care, delivered more efficiently, for healthier patients, providers, and communities.